$1.2 million win: a historic slot machine jackpot at Quebec casino

Big winners 09 April 2020

A recent retiree from the Saguenay region (Quebec, Canada) parked himself in front of a slot machine Friday night and walked away a millionaire.

Loto-Quebec says the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, won nearly $1.2 million after betting $2.25 at a slot machine in the Casino de Charlevoix during a visit to La Malbaie.

The jackpot is the biggest in the casino's history.


Loto-Quebec says the man, who is in his 50s, got a stroke of luck after playing a Powerbucks slot machine that coughed up $1,196,769.

The casino's chief operating officer says the winner was later welcomed into a private lounge at the gambling complex to celebrate the windfall with his family.

Quebec casinos and the Loto-Quebec website have doled out about 15 prizes worth $1 million or more since 2016.