NetEnt's groundbreaking Community Jackpot System - PowerPots

Latest news 10 February 2020

Swedish gaming group NetEnt is making waves, announcing a new jackpot style feature that allows players to collect Starburst tokens across different casinos for a chance to score a community jackpot prize.

The feature will work to see a PowerPots bar on the game, which will be visible throughout the different sites. Once the bar fills up, all who contributed to the collection of Starburst tokens will split the prize. This will be split up and players will be eligible even if they're offline when the prize pops. NetEnt is working to design the feature to be customizable for different operators, who can then split the prize throughout their own brands. Areas of customization will include RTP, interfaces, jackpot prize value spots, and more.

Commenting on the launch NetEnt's Director of Games Bryan Upton said, "Starburst PowerPots was developed in line with our customers' and players' expectations, taking cue on everything from art assets to mechanics. We are using leading-edge games design approaches to make this jackpot family with our most powerful games simple to understand yet compelling. Using the Starburst brand will create massive acquisition while these jackpot mechanics will drive huge engagement for players.

"This is community gaming without the overengineering and overthought on what slot players really want. This product can fit into any operator's portfolio and deliver any experience, from large life-changing prizes to super-fast hitting jackpots."

The feature is available now at participating casinos.